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The small poster makes your message shine, small but efficient!

Printed on paper, the most used sizes are the A3 (double A4 or 2 times a letterhead) and the A4. Small posters (placards) can be placed indoors, for example in shop windows. There are even illuminated frames to make them shine in showcases that aim to change quickly, but with high quality results (contact us if you want more information about these supports The placard is frequently used to notify users about certain events in a particular place. It is the ideal format to hang on a bulletin board.
The location of a poster is essentially a function of its size and also conditions its content. The small poster is a temporary work: its time of existence is limited to a few days, a few weeks at most.

Today a small poster is often produced digitally, because of its rather reduced life time and its dynamic content. Offset printing is still used, when the quantities are bigger (> 2,500 eg color). The price per unit for large quantities is lower but the quality is very different due to the difference in type of ink that is used between the two processes (in offset a liquid ink is used which is less saturating) but you have a larger choice in paper supports. In digital print, the small format poster can be produced as from one single copy. The most used supports are 90 gr, 130 gr, 170 gr, 200 gr of 300 gr.

Digital photos are often printed digitally on glossy 170 grams paper. The price per photograph is much lower than when you produce the photo on a photographic paper that is printed with liquid inks (this last combination has a wider color spectrum).
If we print a photograph on a laser printer, we can increase the color effects by applying a lamination. If we choose this type of finishing, the goal is to keep the same poster longer or to give it a stamp to shine the message that we want to give with it. Beyond that, laminating an A3 is an excellent protection, and can turn your photograph into a placemat. This can make someone very happy, a very personalized gift to put on the table for daily use. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.