Graphoprint Services

In 1984 Graphoprint Services was founded and, despite the presence of 2 offset presses, was considered as a copy centre. During the following years this centre evolved from a copy shop to a fully equipped print room. Lain between the VUB and the ULB, Graphoprint Services full filled the wishes of her customers, by listening attentively and to adapt her services at the right moment. The company grew steadily by buying out existing print rooms and by purchasing new material.

In 2000, Graphoprint Services made a partnership with B.C.D. Express which is the market leader in copy and print. From that day on, she could offer the widest range of communication products a customer can imagine: posters, catalogues, flyers, binders, letterheads etc., are only a modest part of the products which Graphoprint Services produces daily. You would be astonished how each decision influences the production process: Which programme is used? Which paper is used? How many colours are necessary? Which end format has been chosen? What is the budget? What is the desired deliver period? …

From design to publishing work, Graphoprint Services can produce it all. Each day a professional team is there for you to accompany you from idea to a finished product. Do not hesitate to ask us further explanation!

In 2004 Graphoprint Services got a new trademark, All Printing Services. The use of this name must help you to recognise more easily the print shops that take part of the same group.

Today the companies B.C.D. Express, Copyland, D Copy, and Graphoprint Services use the commercial name All Printing Services and work narrower together to offer you the most completed service palette a print shop can imagine. The web site was a first common realisation of this closer cooperation and shows that, under the label All Printing Services, we can offer more than only copy work!

In 2006 Graphoprint Services delocalizes its printroom to Zaventem (Sint-Stevens-Woluwe). She integrates new high quality offset presses. Graphoprint Services becomes an industrialised printroom where ergonomics and ecological production is put forward. Using bio-inks, FSC paper and recycling is its norm and label.

In 2014, Graphoprint Services installed his print shop in Evere, in the back yard of NATO. This delocalisation does benefit its geographical acces and by integrating the latest communication technologies as email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Foursquare, Yelp and LinkedIn, Graphoprint Services is even closer to you as ever.

On June 6, 2016 our company Graphoprint Services opened a new digital print shop under the name All Printing Services Europe! A new digital printing company, equipped with the latest digital color printers, is located in the heart of the European district of Brussels, in just the middle between the roundabout Schuman and Place Jourdan.

Our mission is clear: to foresee you of all communication possibilities!

We hope seeing you soon in one of our establishments!

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