B.C.D. Express

B.C.D. Express was established by A. Portolani in February 1988 with as head aim to produce copies and sell to the end consumers. As core business B.C.D. Express copies originals. From beginning the following principles were stimulated:

Personal service from 9 am till 10 pm

The computer corner, with typing- and prepress possibilities for clients use only

A varied pallet of finishing possibilities the copies realised on

Since the early beginning the company had its activity at the Generaal Jacqueslaan 135 in Brussels. In 1992, a first extension was carried out. The existing shop, Mister Copy, situated on the same road, Generaal Jacqueslaan was added to B.C.D. Express. Because of this BCD Express grew with 1 extra sale point. This led to an increasing flexibility and an ameliorated service to its customers. With the label Mister Copy the further expansion of B.C.D. Express will be carried out. By the enormous success of B.C.D. Express the number of employees increased rapidly. This had been consciously been chosen to insure an excellent customer service. In 1997, BCD Express opened a new Mister Copy on the Stallestraat 222 in Ukkel and thereby increased its accessibility with respect to its clients at the other side of Brussels. In 1998 B.C.D. Express increased it chain by opening 2 extra sale points.

These printshops were located in Antwerp, on the Mechelsesteenweg, and in Ghent, on the Overpoortstraat. A 3rd establishment was opened on the generaal Jacqueslaan in Brussels and was specialized in prepress activities, Internet and large format printing.
In 1999, the geographical development continued. In Ostend a printshop was opened on the Koningstraat 27 and in Waver on Chaussée de Collines. All establishments were opened under the label Mister Copy. In 2000, we extended our network to the South of Belgium by opening a shop in Namur. In this magical year our company counted 8 delocalized printshops. In that same year a print room, called Graphoprint Services, was added to our group to give our existing customers a complete range of printed matter. In 2002, BCD Express bought a printshop with integrated printroom, called DCopy. This sale and production centre lies in the Center of Brussels. In January 2003 another Mister Copy was added to our group.

This shop is located in the European Centre of Brussels. In 2004 B.C.D. Express and Mister Copy got a new trademark, All Printing Services. The use of this name must help you to recognise more easily the print shops that take part of the same group. Today the companies B.C.D. Express, Copyland, D-Copy, and Graphoprint Services use the commercial name All Printing Services and work narrower together to offer you the most completed service palette a print shop can imagine. The web site was a first common realisation of this closer cooperation and shows that, under the label All Printing Services, we can offer more than only copy work!
You can reach Mister Copy, D Copy and BCD Express by email but you can join us also on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. Our mission is clear: to foresee you of all communication possibilities!
What the future offers, you stipulate! We hope seeing you soon in one of our establishments!

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