In 1996, our General Director, Mister Angelo Portolani, bought the copyshop Copyland on the generaal Jacqueslaan in Brussels.
At first Copyland was orientated on the Flemish part of our market and was equipped with copiers. When in 1996, the company was run by this new entrepreneur the quality requirements were put higher, which was followed by an investment in a modern machine park. Even after the effort to open Copyland towards the 2 languages of our country, it continued to have for a big part a Dutch-spoken customer’s base: We say it is not the language, but the quality of the services which count.

In 1997, a second copyshop was opened on the Waversesteenweg 1049-1051 at Oudergem.
The shop is located next to the Free University of Brussels. In 2000, Copyland took over the copy shop, Quality Copy in Ghent, and incorporated this company in its existing team. The exiting name was changed and new products were introduced so that existing customers could enjoy a vaster product range. Copyland grew, with its 3 sale points, steadily in a fast evolving communication market. In 2004 Copyland got a new trademark, All Printing Services. In 2013, Copyland opened a new store in Evere, just behind the NATO buildings.

The use of this name must help you to recognise more easily the print shops that take part of the same group. Today the companies B.C.D. Express, Copyland, D-Copy, and Graphoprint Services use the commercial name All Printing Services and work narrower together to offer you the most completed service palette a print shop can imagine. The web site is a first common realisation of this closer cooperation and shows that, under the label All Printing Services, we can offer more than only copy work! That Copyland only copy is complete past tense. Today we can offer you from a to z communication techniques which allow you to outsource, without any head eggs, your non-core-businesses. You can reach Copyland by email but you can join us also on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. Our mission is clear: to foresee you of all communication possibilities!
What the future offers, you stipulate! We hope seeing you soon in one of our establishments!

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