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A flyer or flier, also called a circular, handbill or leaflet, is a form of paper advertisement printed on one sheet one-sided or dubbel-sided, intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place.

Flyers may be used by individuals, businesses, or organizations to:
Promote a good or service, such as a restaurant or nightclub.
Persuade or send a social, religious, or political message, as in political campaign activities on behalf of a political party or candidate.
Advertise an event such as a music concert, nightclub appearance, festival, or political rally
Circulars are intended to pass new rules or procedures in private companies or official bureaus
Like postcards, pamphlets and small posters, flyers are a low-cost form of mass marketing or communication.

There are many different flyer formats: as A4 (roughly letterhead size), A5 (roughly half letterhead size) and A6 (postcard size). Flyers are inexpensive to produce. Their widespread use intensified with the spread of desktop publishing systems. In recent years, the production of flyers through traditional printing services has been supplanted by Internet services; customers may send designs and receive final products by mail.

Cheap to produce, contemporary flyers are frequently produced in 300gsm glossy card – whereas a leaflet might be produced on a 130gsm/170gsm weight paper – and can be a very effective form of direct marketing. Businesses may turn out small quantities of flyers on a computer printer or on a digital printer, but offset printing turns out higher quantities for less cost a unit. Digital print can be produce the day of command, you can start printing by 1 piece and you can personalize each printed matter. Digital printing gives a high flexibility in good quality in a minimum of time.