Envelopes details

An envelope represents the image of a company. It is therefore important for any company or association that the used style on the envelope reflects the image the company wants to promote.

Therefore, the logo placed on the envelope is often the one printed on the letterheads, the invoices and business cards of a company. It is financially more interesting to print all administrative documents simultaneously in the same order. This lowers the entry costs.
Usually on the front of the envelope the logo and the slogan of the company is printed, on the reverse side more specifically on the flap of the envelope, the name and address of the sender printed.
Envelopes come in several sizes and shapes. When ordering an envelope, this data must be clearly communicated. We sum up:

Sizes: C6 (A4 sheet folded in 4); U.S. envelope (A4 sheet folded in 3), C5 (A4 sheet folded in 2), C4 or (A4 sheet not folded.), C3 (A3 sheet not folded), the square format ( 17 x 17cm for greetingcards)

Colors: white (standard), brown (formerly often used), the conqueror range (stylish envelopes, often used by notaries and law firms) or all fantasy colors (often used to sent greeting cards)
With window to the right or left (often used for automated billing) or without window

Closure: with strip (most often used in office environment), without strip (for automated filling and sending with mailing machines – these envelope types can not be printed digitally)
The number of colors and the number of sides (front and or back) to be printed determines the initial charge. Also important to know is whether the image to be printed is or is not decreasing (the image does or does not come to the edge of the envelope).

All envelopes can be printed in offset, envelopes with strip can also be printed digitally.