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An architect’s plan, a blueprint, an architectural design or a floor plan is printed in color or black and white. Mostly a blueprint is printed in A0 or A1 format. All formats between A3 A2 A1 and A0 are possible to print on our large format printers.

Most of architect’s plans are printed on 90 g paper and folded ( automatically ) to the standard A4 format to enter official applications in a township. To optimise the digital workflow of an architectural design it is recommended to use the PDF standard file. If you have an architect’s plan in an other digital form, please contact one of our colleagues to ensure you that we can treat your digital design.

A blueprint can be digitalised in black and white or in color, it can be archived in PDF or Tiff format, it can be printed as many times as you which in the format of your choice and handed over to you on a DVD CD USB stick or by email. This kind of digitalisation and archive is possible for all of our products. We have a special service to help architectural bureaus to duplicate their contest files. We can print or copy the architectural designs, we can copy the book which explains the project in A4, we can digitalize, archive and duplicate the entire project onto DVD or CD and put all different items into a personalized binder as many times as needed to enter the contest. We can even ship the duplicated project to the final destination.