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A brochure binded with a plastic spiral or with plastic rings is often used by businesses for presentations, a training or a course.

The brochure with metal rings is a book of several pages, digitally printed or copied. The brochure with metal rings is not constraint by the number of pages (one does not need a multiple of four), this in contrast to the booklet. The pages of the brochure can be printed on one side (1 page per sheet) or both sides of a sheet (2 pages per sheet).

The number of sheets determines how large the metal rings must be. The thickness of the metal rings determines the price. The color of the metal rings can be chosen. Often the color grey is used. We recommend staying within 250 sheets when using metal rings to bind a brochure.
When copying or printing digitally, the brochure can be perforated directly after printing and the metal rings can be placed. In this way a brochure with metal rings can be finished in one day.
When the book is printed in offset a drying time is to be calculated. Often a plastic is placed in the front and or in the back of a brochure with metal rings to protect the inner sheets.
For improving the rigidity of the brochure with metal rings, a carton of 300 gr can be added in the front and or back of the brochure. These covers can be printed as well. Most used sizes for brochures with metal rings are A4 portrait or landscape,
A5 portrait or landscape and A3 landscape. Intermediate sizes are also possible.
The brochure with metal rings lies well in the market for her aesthetic value combined with its rigidity.