The "Flash Printing" product allows you to print all kinds of documents, without adding too many finishes.

By buying this product you can request simple prints, with or without staples, with holes or not.

For all printed matter with a different bindingsystems, please choose the product that most closely matches your needs as our related products:

A document binded with a plastic rings is called “Brochure with plastic rings”

A document binded with a metallic rings is called “Brochure with metalllic rings

A document binded with glue is called “Bochure fastback

A bound document with a square back binding is called “Soft back brochure

A stapled and folded document is called “Booklet brochure

A perforated document with the possibility to put a finishing around it is called “Brochure with or without holes

All other products available in our web shop are:

Technical and architects plans, Small format posters, Small format poster, Flyers, Folder=leaflets , business & visiting cards, envelopes, letterheads and invoices, carbonless  paper & NCR, file folder with flap, t-shirts, the calendars, CD DVD and Digitization