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A square back, pocket book, paperback or soft back is often used by businesses, schools or universities to bind efficiently and beautifully presentations, trainings or courses. Sometimes students use this type of binding for their thesis, mémoire, piece of writing essay or dissertation.

The paperback has an attractive visual and has a good price – quality coefficient.

The square back brochure is a book of several pages, digitally printed, copied of printed in offset. The paper back is not constraint by the number of pages (one does not need a multiple of four), this in contrast to the booklet.

The pages of the brochure can be printed on one side (1 page per sheet) or both sides of a sheet (2 pages per sheet). The number of sheets determines the price of the square back and determines how large the back of the cover must be.

We recommend staying within 300 pages when using a square back binding system. When copied or printed digitally one can place directly after printing the cover. When the brochure is printed in offset, one should wait until the paper dried to bind the book.

The cover usually consists of 300 gr paper. The paperback is used to bond several books. Most used sizes for books with a square back binding system are A4 portrait or landscape and A5 portrait or landscape. Intermediate sizes are also possible.