The paper calendar is against all thoughts still widely used in this digitized world.

This visual memory support is always available, even during an electricity supply stop or an empty battery. As a result, the calendar is one of the most sustainable (1 full calendar year) and visual advertising tools that are available on the market today. A complete (weekdays, legal holidays, your possible closing times and of course your plant details) and well-balanced calendar (right customer’s size and the right customer’s usage needs) will exponentially increase your chance to be at the right moment in the right place.

This is why our printing company keeps this product in its product range and presents the following types of calendars:

3-months calendar

Wall planning A1, A2 or A3

Writing pad in A2

Desk calendar

Technical specifications of the 3-months calendar

13 sheets, portrait size, 80 grams of paper offset printed in 2 colours

Each sheet contains 3 calendar months (previous month, current month and next month)

Each sheet is pre-perforated for easy removal

1 red slider to indicate the day

1 over sleeve, landscape size, personalized in 4 colours, finished with 1 perforation or 1 hook

The over sleeve can be attached to the inner sheets by staples or with metal rings

This calendar will guide you through a 3-month time dimension, for personal use or as a group guide.

Technical specifications of the wall planning A1, A2 or A3

1 sheet of 250 grams’ glossy paper, printed in 4 colour offset

Choice of different formats possible= A1 or A2 or A3

Possible in landscape and in portrait format

This wall calendar is fully personalized, very readable and perfect for groups use

Technical specifications of the writing pad in A2

Office calendar, landscape model, desk protector

Number of sheets per writing pad is free to choose (20 to 52 sheets)

Can be printed in 1 colour, 2 colours or 4 colours, 80 or 90 grams offset paper

A cardboard is attached to the back of the sheets to reinforce the pad<

Fully patronizable, perfect for individual use in an office environment

Technical specifications of the desk calendar

Office calendar, standing model

12 sheets of cardboard kept together with metal ring binding

Can be printed in 1 color, 2 colors or 4 colors on cardboard of 150 to 250 grams

To stand up, a triangle shaped cardboard frame is used

With or without slider to indicate the day

Perfect for individual use in an office environment